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See back focal plane using telescope

By: plintilh

The rear focal plane of the objective can be observed using a telescope insert into the eyepiece tube.


Diffraction pattern in the transform plane

By: plintilh

Demonstration of diffraction patterns in a test object - (Diatom test slide).


Spatial filtering in the transform plane

By: plintilh

Using a small aperture slider to remove diffracted orders in the transform plane eliminates detail in the image plane.


Acceptance angle vs working distance

By: plintilh

Working distance decreases with increasing acceptance angle.


Numerical Aperture vs useful magnification

By: plintilh

A quick estimate of useful magnification: N.A. X 1000.


Deriving Numerical Aperture = N.A.

By: plintilh

The geometries of diffraction patterns must match the geometries of acceptance angle.


Importance of Condenser N.A.

By: plintilh

Condenser N.A. must at least match that of the objective to realize full resolution.


Fourier musical analogy

By: plintilh

Complex frequency-based information can be decomposed into combinations of simple waveforms.


Object detail vs. acceptance angle

By: plintilh

The finer the spatial detail in an object the wider the diffraction angle - easily seen with a laser pointer and a fine grating.