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Networking on LinkedIn for Graduate Students

By: career

This video explains how to use LinkedIn as a networking tool.


CDAE250 Compare Means

By: rkarl

Walk through of comparing means and ANOVA test on SPSS.


Bryan Stolzenburg - Excel and JMP - DOC analysis graphing and stats

By: nperdria

Bryan Stolzenburg tutorial on statistical analysis (least square, t test) using JMP. (final project for GEOL185 - Geocomputing)


Ryan Mistur - graphing and stats

By: nperdria

Ryan Mistur final project for GEOL185 - Geocomputing


EE 001 Final Lab Project - Noah Logan

By: nclogan

This is my final lab project for EE 001.


Introduction to the Lab

By: tpritcha

This video introduces the lab space as well as what is expected of you as you begin each in lab experiment.


Phys 021 CORRECT Video Lab #3

By: jhaytaya

Here is the correct video for my lab #3