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De-fogging the Eurocentric Lens: Okinawa and Gujarat Food Patterns; Part 2

By: jpashko

Each video provides a brief description of the cultural food practices of Gujarat, India and Okinawa, Japan. By the end of the videos, you'll have an increased understanding of traditional food patterns, dietary assessment of common foods, challen...


Risk Behavior & Screening Slides

By: eelliske

Class for Risk Behaviors across the lifespan.


Jimmy Curran Advocacy Speech

By: jcurran2

This is an advocacy speech i gave for speech class


Mass Incarceration: Policy Change

By: jwillia4

This video is for our D1 class on Mass incarceration and it covers a topic about a policy change in sentencing and homelessness.


What is Public Health?

By: kmrobles

Introduction to Public Health Class Digital Story - What is Public Health?


PSS 212 2018

By: aresnik

Presentations by Martha Caswell and Janica Anderzen during a PSS 212 class in 2018.


ME171 RP6.1

By: dburns

Class example Problem RP 6.1


SAQ + Power Exercises

By: jash2

SAQ + Power Exercises for EDPE 200 Class