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REL020 Buddhist Novice Ordination Ceremony

By: sdonlan

Final Project for Lindsey Carter, Bruno John, and Sarah Donlan for REL020 Comparing Religions.


Jason Drebber - Macros in Excel

By: nperdria

Jason Drebber final tutorial project for GEOL185 (Geocomputing)


Glass of Water Counting Device

By: bmonarca

This video is an overview of a device that counts the glasses of water someone drinks per day. It was made for the EE001 final project for the Spring 2020 semester.


Prepare & Adapt your Elevator Pitch

By: career

Elements of a strong pitch, and when and how to effectively use your pitch.


Intro to Phase Contrast

By: plintilh

How phase contrast works


Video Data

By: nprugar

Final Project: Video Data


Weekly Rites #4 - Mi Tian

By: mtian

I was playing with my friends about a dance project. Two of them are very good Chinese national dancers and I am so happy work with them!!