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Video log3

By: cliu11

The video about TED show


Teach a Circuit Video

By: ckuiper

My assignment 7 video for unit 2.


New Video: Analysis

By: hmckeon

New video for final physics project.


PHYS021: Term Project - Raw Video

By: jspiegle

This upload contains the raw video used for my analysis of position. velocity, and acceleration data. This is the final take for my term project. The slow-motion section was filmed at 240 fps in HD. The rest of the video is filmed at 120 fps in HD...


My Video

By: wverreib

Here is my video. I hope you like it.


Embed streaming video in blog post

By: waw

Silent movie illustrating steps to embed a video from this server in a blog post on


Build Your Own Value System in Your College Life

By: xzhang1

I stated that, in this video, the most important thing in college is to build your own value system. And also, this video is my reflection of Pinker's article, Deresiewics's article and Buton's video.