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Weekly Rites #1 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

If I had to title this video I would have called it "roots." You all can play with the meaning of that on your own and with your own perspectives. As I was filming I initially wanted the video to be more or less structured but then just started no...


New Video: Analysis

By: hmckeon

New video for final physics project.


Video log3

By: cliu11

The video about TED show


Teach a Circuit Video

By: ckuiper

My assignment 7 video for unit 2.


PHYS021: Term Project - Raw Video

By: jspiegle

This upload contains the raw video used for my analysis of position. velocity, and acceleration data. This is the final take for my term project. The slow-motion section was filmed at 240 fps in HD. The rest of the video is filmed at 120 fps in HD...


My Video

By: wverreib

Here is my video. I hope you like it.


Embed streaming video in blog post

By: waw

Silent movie illustrating steps to embed a video from this server in a blog post on