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Reverse Osmosis

By: uvmext

Some producers use membrane separation (called "reverse osmosis" or simply "RO" within the maple industry) in addition to evaporation with heat. In this process, sap is forced through membranes that have pores which are large enough for water to p...



By: uvmext

The sugaring season has been over for a while. Maple trees ended their annual period of dormancy when their winter buds broke, allowing new leaves to emerge. These lush green leaves are now working to produce all the energy needed for the tree to ...


What's In The Sap?

By: uvmext

Maple sap, what's in it? Maple sap is a dilute solution of mainly water (95-99%) and sugar (1-5%), along with trace amounts of other substances, including: organic acids, free amino acids, protein, minerals, and phenolic compounds. Sap coming dire...


Floating a paper clip in water

By: ldonfort

Using a paper clip L to float another paper clip in water.


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Two

By: atrubek

In this lecture, Dr. Almstead discusses water and proteins.


UWS Presentation Team 9

By: hkirshen

Unknown water sample presentation Team 9


CE 254: UWS Video - Team 7

By: bmcmorro

APSE Engineering Conclusions for UWS 1-4


Determination of UWS 1-4 Team 3

By: jsarkis

Video describes experiments performed on unknown water samples and determines where each was retrieved from.