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Evaluating your Slides with the Microscope

By: tpritcha

This video shows how to evaluate your slides using the microscope.


Polarized light acting on a birefringent material

By: plintilh

polarized light on birefringent material


Weekly Rites #6 - Mi Tian

By: mtian

I want to dance with the light but you cannot see me with light open. I think that is a cool idea though.


Sugarbush Management 1

By: uvmext

Sugar makers rely on healthy, abundant maple trees to provide sap each spring. Taken together a group of maple trees managed for sap collection is called a sugarbush. Developing a healthy, productive sugarbush takes time and effort. Forests are hi...


Sugarbush Management 2

By: uvmext

Late summer, while leaves are still green is a good time to assess the trees in your sugarbush. Weak or declining individuals will show areas of crown dieback. Trees with more than 75% dieback will likely not survive but are still competing for li...


Shade Tolerance 2

By: uvmext

As trees form, the size and shape of its stem and crown, will be impacted by living in a low light environment such as the forest's understory. So-called suppressed trees are able to capture just enough sun to survive. Sugar maples growing in the ...



By: plintilh



Positive & negative birefringence

By: plintilh

Positive & negative birefringence