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Panel Data 2 exercise for SPSS

By: 97dconne

CDAE 359 Panel Data 2 exercise for SPSS


Importance of Condenser N.A.

By: plintilh

Condenser N.A. must at least match that of the objective to realize full resolution.


WE - Intro To Teaching Yoga Sequence

By: ctaylo10

WE - Intro To Teaching Yoga Full Yoga Asana Sequence


Continence Visual Supports

By: jnauheim

This video reviews easy to make visual supports families can use during toileting and instructions on how to make them. The Continence Project believes the mastery of toileting skills promotes inclusion at home, school, and in the community. We be...


A Culinary Lens on Agritourism

By: rcbartle

Food is an ultimate connector and a big part of why we travel. We share stories, form relationships and build communities around the table, and through our culinary traditions. In this gathering, we will hear stories from around the world of the r...


Chris Stone - Graduation

By: cburges1

"Graduation" is a collection of recordings of some of my favorite songs that I learned during my time here at UVM. It was also my senior project as a Music Technology & Business major. All songs were recorded during the Spring 2021 semester in the...


Nutrition Podcast: Picky Eating

By: sbalsamo

Lots of us have little ones in our lives who may be picky eaters, and many of us wonder why and how they developed their limited palettes?! Join us in this episode of “Food for Thought,” where we tackle the difficult topic of raising a picky eater...