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Group 10 Podcast - Infact Nutrition Myths

By: cdrane

In our podcast, we explore the prevalent fear-mongering that exists surrounding infant feeding practices. We investigate the ways marketing tactics capitalize on parental anxieties, pushing them toward an idealized, black-and-white perception of b...


Final Project

By: mgodinez

Talking about animals parrots as service animals


ASCI1100: Final Project (Cole Edgerton)

By: cdedgert

My final presentation on show jumping horses


NFS 2143 - Nutrition in the Life Cycle Podcast - The Hormonal Cycle

By: mnebzydo

This is our submission for the group podcast (group 15) on nutritional needs throughout the hormone cycle. Group: Maggie Nebzydoski, Emma Breahna, Josie Beauregard, Cate Thiery.


Circus Animals

By: osandova

Working animals final project


Final Dog Project Presentation - Coviello

By: rcoviell

Addressing and Minimizing Aggression - guide for new dog owners, things to watch out for and consider.


Avalanche Dogs - ASCI 1100 Final Project - Alexander Carrozza - V2

By: acarrozz

A PPT slide deck with narration about the nature and importance of avalanche search and rescue dogs.