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The Breakroom, Ep. 6

By: writectr

Episode 6: "The Required Visit with Dirk Calloway"


The Breakroom, Ep. 7

By: writectr

Episode 7: "The Rookie"


The Breakroom, Ep. 8

By: writectr

Episode 8: "The American"


The Breakroom, Ep. 9

By: writectr

Episode 9: "The Spy"


Creating A Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

By: gradwc

Kristin Raub demonstrates how to create a table of contents, table of tables, and table of figures in Microsoft Word.


Designing Presentations: PowerPoints (Pt 2)

By: gradwc

Captioned Video. Part 2 of Designing Presentations focuses on PowerPoints.


How to Use WCOnline for Online Tutoring Sessions

By: gradwc

This captioned video explores how to log into and participate in an online tutoring session.


Writing an Abstract in the Health Sciences: Signal Moves (Pt 2)

By: gradwc

This video is captioned. In Part Two of our three-part series,"Signal Moves," we discuss this tool for creating a research story. This video goes over what signal moves are, what kinds of writing they can be useful for, and additional resources.


Writing an Abstract in the Health Sciences: Mentor Texts (Pt 3)

By: gradwc

This video is captioned. In part three of our three-part series, we will go over how to use a mentor text as an example for how to structure your own work.