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Dilutions on Whiteboard Part 1

By: tpritcha

Dilutions discussion on whiteboard


Age Well: Home Health Care Shortages in Northwestern VT during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: jsaltman

PHP Group 09: Age Well Jeremy Altman, Matt Breseman, Edom Girma, Alex Kubacki, Louisa Moore, Amanda Nattress, Noah Sorkow, Kristen Wright


WOTC: Mass Incarceration

By: inick

Mass Incarceration Capstone Project group 24


Preparation, Steeping and Introduction to Germination

By: tpritcha

This is a discussion of evaluation/preparation of the malts, the steeping process and an introduction to the germination chambers which will be used.


Receptors, Metabolism, Growth

By: tpritcha

This video includes a brief discussion of receptors, metabolism, reproduction and the growth curve.


Presentation Rehearsal

By: gzhu

Group presentation rehearsal for Ning and Richard


Chapter 2 Introduction to Contamination and How Food Becomes Contaminated

By: tpritcha

Introduction to biological, chemical and physical contamination. Includes examples of how each can occur. Ends with discussion of symptoms associated with food borne illness.


Opportunities Credit Union

By: hmkidder

Econ 11 video project group 25 Andrew Douglas Henry Kidder