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By: tpritcha

Discussion of Prohibition including organizations, WW I as well as the effect that income tax had.


Receptors, Metabolism, Growth

By: tpritcha

This video includes a brief discussion of receptors, metabolism, reproduction and the growth curve.


Oxygen Use and Genetics

By: tpritcha

This is a brief discussion of oxygen groupings and how genetics influence what a cell can actually do.


Welcoming Guests Back on Our Farms and Ranches

By: rcbartle

As Covid-19 restrictions ease in some parts of the world, travelers who are eager to venture forth seek safe, healthy, outdoor experiences away from crowds— leading to a surge in demand for agritourism experiences which meet these criteria. Join...


Hand tools and carving

By: pdecause

Discussion of the use of vises and clamps and various hand tools and carving techniques.


Preparation, Steeping and Introduction to Germination

By: tpritcha

This is a discussion of evaluation/preparation of the malts, the steeping process and an introduction to the germination chambers which will be used.


MU 060 Asst 6, 8 responses

By: dfeurzei

Answers and discussion to questions from Asst's 6 & 8


HDFS 161 Episode 16 Part 2

By: lshelton

Professor Shelton continues his discussion of the contrast between the assembly line paradigm for education and a develecological paradigm.