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PHYS011Lab: Video

By: mmzielin

This is the video for the video analysis portion for the final project


Weekly Rites #9 Briana Leger

By: bleger

Adventures in piano-ing part 2. I made this video pretty similar to my previous piano video: a clip of set rehearsed music, and some improvisation. I tried to be more lenient in my editing of the improvisation. In the first video, I was very wo...


MU 060 Scoring a rhythmic video, pt. 3

By: dfeurzei

Synchronizing the tempo ruler to a video


Big Joe

By: bguitar

This is a video of a person who stutters. Please complete an SSI on him.


Lab Practice Video

By: ekotler

final project test run


Phys 021 Video datat

By: jhaytaya

Here is the video data of my catapult


Weekly Rites #1 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

If I had to title this video I would have called it "roots." You all can play with the meaning of that on your own and with your own perspectives. As I was filming I initially wanted the video to be more or less structured but then just started no...


Video log3

By: cliu11

The video about TED show