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predicates and constants PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A short video on predicate logic, introducing constants and predicate letters.


introduction to predicate proofs PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A video introducing predicate proofs and the first two predicate proof rules, AO and EI.


predicate proofs existential out PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A video on how to use the rule EO (existential out) in proofs in predicate logic.


universal derivation PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A video on the Universal Derivation rule for predicate proofs, a rule for doing proofs where the SHOW line begins with Ax.


quantifiers and variables PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

Screencast on introduction to quantifiers and variables.


categorical translations PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A video on the four basic forms of categorical translations: All, some, no, not all/some not.


complex categoricals

By: mcweiner

A video about translating categorical sentences that have complex subjects or predicates.


only and categorical compounds

By: mcweiner

A video on how to translate categorical statements with "only" in them, and compounds of categorical statements.


PHIL 013A/B: What is Logic?

By: mcweiner

A short (approx. 4 minutes) introduction to what logic is and what we'll be covering this semester.