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Physics 021 Catapult

By: ibefeler

This catapult was made for the final project for UVM's Physics 021 lab. This project was a collaboration between Izak Furey, Paige Berman and Ivy Befeler.


Physics 021 Catapult with Tracking

By: ibefeler

This is a screen recording of a catapult that was created for the Physics 021 lab that shows projectile object tracking utilizing Vernier's Video Analysis software.


Physics 021 Spoon catapult video

By: gabailey

Hitting 2 meters with a spoon catapult.


PHYS Lab Final Video

By: nsavoie

Catapult final video


Physics Final Project Analysis

By: mbyrne

Physics Catapult Project


Video Data

By: mbyrne

Physics Catapult Video Data


Grace Bailey Physics 021 Trial Video

By: gabailey

Still working on getting the projectile to stop at 2m. Still need to experiment with projectiles/design possibly. This is a trial using a pencil eraser but it does bounce a bit too much on landing.


Elementary Physics Lab

By: dknudsen

Firing small object 2 meters with catapult.