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Stabilization and Balance Personal Training

By: emurph24

Murphy, Emma Stabilization and Balance Personal Training


Balance-Stabilization Exercises - Personal Training

By: jdavis17

Personal training - Balance-Stabilization Exercises Video


Compressed Gas Training: Airgas 1

By: safety

Airgas is the UVM compressed gas vendor. This training provides safety while handling compressed gas cylinders in the lab.


Mentor Teacher Training

By: ktoksu

Training video for mentor teachers.


summary and personal response

By: zshen2

summary and personal response


Networking and Building Your Online Professional Presence

By: career

This 9 minute video covered the essential of building and tending to your personal brand online. It will help students: 1) Understand the impact of their online presence: what potential employers are looking for / concerned about 2) Know wh...