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listening report 6

By: yxia3


Internship Basics

By: career

Why Intern & what makes for a quality internship?


Resume: Getting Started

By: career

Get your resume started with some tips from the Career Center.


Resume Bullets

By: career

Impactful descriptions of your experiences are essential to crafting a resume that will get you noticed. Get some great tips from AC, UVM Career Counselor & Pre-Law Advisor


Cover Letter: Getting Started

By: career

Getting started on your cover letter.


Lecture 8 Part 1

By: sseguino

Lecture 8 Race, income, jobs


Virtual / Phone Interviews

By: career

Once you have landed a phone screen or virtual interview (congrats, by the way!), you may be wondering “how do I make a good and lasting impression when I’m not in-person?” This video review some simple tips to help you ace your upcoming ...


Salary Negotiation

By: career

Quick tips and tricks to negotiating your salary.


The One About Water-Soluble Vitamins

By: efpope

Today we talk about the water-soluble vitamins, vitamins B and C! What makes them special, how are they helpful to our bodies, where can you find them? We talk it all through with some Beyoncé tie-ins in this video! Vitamin C -1:34 The B Vi...