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Drill Press Safety

By: pdecause

Drill press setup and operation


Center Drill Part

By: fvilmont

Center drill taper end of part.


Facing and Center Drill

By: fvilmont

Face cut off end and center drill both ends.


Drill ends

By: fvilmont

Drill both ends #7(.201) x .750 deep.


Eco Ball Press Release

By: tlkapp

Prof Stephenson Business Communications Press Release Video Assignment


Guest Interview: Guido Mase' on Entheogens/Psychedelics and Sacred Plants

By: kcelmer

Guido Masé RH(AHG) is a clinical herbalist, herbal educator, and garden steward specializing in holistic Western herbalism, though his approach is eclectic and draws upon many influences. He spent his childhood in Italy, in the central Alps and i...


Hand tools and carving

By: pdecause

Discussion of the use of vises and clamps and various hand tools and carving techniques.



By: uvmext

Winter is almost over and spring is almost here; it's time to make maple syrup. Each season sugar makers have to drill a new hole if they want to collect sap. The reason for this has to do with how trees respond to wounds. When a hole is drilled i...


Canavan, Reed, Noel, Hadlock

By: sjcanava

Press release video Quickrides