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Plastic Pollution

By: yli5

Final discussion


Introductory Discussion of Water

By: tpritcha

This is an introduction to water. It includes student comments generated during discussion in class


Introduction to Carbohydrates Through Disaccharides

By: tpritcha

This video includes a discussion of CHO's in general through a discussion of mono and di saccharides



By: kwalkowi

ASL 051 Discussion


Wounds, Gloves and Bare Hand Contact

By: tpritcha

This video identifies why wounds are an issue as well as how to properly use gloves. The discussion centers around proper use of gloves. Finally, there is a brief discussion of situations in which bare hand contact is allowed.


OCHS Panel Discussion

By: eandrus

Panel Discussion of art as a response to hate speech featuring the exhibit "On the Consequences of Hate Speech" and four artists: Nancy Current and Robin Atlas, of Seattle, WA, and Jen Berger and Misoo Bang of Vermont. May 4th, 2021


Discussion 3 part 3 of 3

By: rplouffe

Spr20 NSCI111 Discussion part 3 of 3


Chap 2 Viruses Parasites and Fungi

By: tpritcha

Discussion of general characteristics of each. Special discussion of both Hepatitis A and Norovirus. Parasites includes mention of worms and importance of knowing that fish to be served raw or undercooked must be frozen first to kill worms. Trichi...