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MU 060 digital audio

By: dfeurzei

Detailed description of digitization of audio signals


Adobe Connect Microphone and Audio Wizard

By: 01pdiede

Adobe Connect Microphone and Audio Wizard: This video will walk you through turning on your microphone, adjusting your mic settings, and running the audio setup wizard. If none of this works, you can always restart your computer! It works wonder...


MU 060 Asst 6, 8 responses

By: dfeurzei

Answers and discussion to questions from Asst's 6 & 8


Practicum Poster Audio (Willmart)

By: kwillmar

Audio for the final presentation NFS 274


Fletcher Practicum Poster Audio

By: lafletch

The audio to accompany my poster for my practicum experience.


An Online Conversation Series: Sourcing & Selling Vermont Food in the Time of Novel Coronavirus 19 (Audio only)

By: clherric

Join us online or by phone for a conversation with Zac Smith from UVM Extension Farm Viability to provide an overview of how to get started online, following up on his terrific conversation with the UVM Extension Ag. Engineering podcast. Having a...


NSF Community Practicum Final Audio- Clinical Dietitian

By: eacrespo

This audio is pairs with my poster to create the final project.


Acting with an Accent: Arabic [part 1 of 6]

By: danaref

Six-part audio course in learning to speak with an Arabic accent. Part of the series. Licensed by the Dana Medical Library from Dialect Access Specialists for use by UVM affiliates only. The audio files may not be downloaded or ...


My Public Health Digital Story

By: cheath1

This is a project for the course Introduction to Public Health titled "My Digital Story"