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Mayo Videos 1b

By: bguitar

dysarthria videos with video codec = H.264; audio codec = ACC


How to Rotate an Image

By: ctl

Video with no audio - brief instructions on rotating an image.


HST 15 Lecture 13 Audio Podcast

By: cfbriggs

Podcast to accompany Lecture outline.


Getting Started with Online Sales (Audio Only)

By: clherric

s essential businesses, how are farms adapting to the evolving COVID-19 situation with no-contact direct sales, restaurant closures, and farmers markets in flux? Vermont is fortunate to have creative farmers leading the way. In this conversation m...


Accepting SNAP/EBT as a Direct Market Farm Audio from 4/21/20 Webinar

By: clherric

A conversation with Emmet Moseley and Jennie Porter from NOFA-VT about how direct market farms can get authorized to accept SNAP/3SquaresVT benefits (formerly known as food stamps) and obtain EBT processing equipment. With the temporary closure of...