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Starch Chemistry and Potatoes

By: atrubek

In this video, Dr. Almstead explains starch chemistry.


Dairy and Cheese Chemistry

By: atrubek

This is an overview of the basics of cheesemaking.


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Two

By: atrubek

In this lecture, Dr. Almstead discusses water and proteins.


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Three

By: atrubek

This final introductory video by Dr. Almstead will cover carbohydrates and lipids.


Groundbreaking STEM Rehersal

By: waw

Testing 3 2 1 BANG!


Prelab Video Diels Alder Chem 142

By: awurthma

Prelab video for the Diels Alder Experiment for Chem 142


Syrup is Complex

By: uvmext

Compared to the relatively simple composition of maple sap, maple syrup has over 130 different identified flavor and aroma compounds. The predominant classes of flavor compounds are phenolics, pyrazines, and carbonyl-based compounds. Typically, li...