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Prison Animal Programs

By: jcowhig

World Of Working Animals Final Project


World of Working Animals Revised final project - Ella Kuehn

By: ekuehn

Final project for the World of Working Animals.


Canine Detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease

By: lnemetz

ASCI098 - World of Working Animals


Lifeguard Dogs in Croatia and Italy

By: lciocci

Working Animals Revised Final


Final Service Dog Video

By: cckeefe

This is the final video for World of Working Animals, a video about the potential downsides of having a service dog.


Final Project

By: mgodinez

Talking about animals parrots as service animals


Circus Animals

By: osandova

Working animals final project


WeeklyRite 1 -- Animals

By: eseyler

When I began the video, I just wanted to dance on a soft surface! As I moved, the mat became a floating zoo or arc that I navigated as if I were exploring or trapped. Alligator, lizard, monkey, insect. I ran out of ideas and almost stopped at 7 mi...


Invasive Worms

By: uvmext

Gardeners know that earthworms can be beneficial for growing vegetables and flowers by helping with soil aeration and producing fertilizer through their castings. Sugar makers may not know that earthworms and relatively newer invaders the so-calle...