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GRS001#29_Resistance and Rebellion

By: anbuchan

Lecture introducing part three of the course, "Resistance and Rebellion."


Passive reorientation

By: plintilh

Passive reorientation


Active Learning in Remote Synchronous Classes

By: ctl

Remote synchronous teaching and learning is here to stay, for at least one more semester. In this session, we’ll use a holistic view of active learning* to frame student engagement and promote deep learning. You’ll be asked to identify at least on...


Sound (Teaching) Bite: Why Active Learning Works (9/23/19)

By: ctl

Dr. Annie Murray-Close provides a quick overview of the literature about active learning, with concrete examples for small changes that can have positive impacts on students' attention and retention.


Strength Hypertrophy-Resistance

By: jash2

Strength Hypertrophy-Resistance for EDPE 200 Class at UVM


Lab 4. Video pH 7

By: palvarez

Testing active fraction at pH 7


Lab 4. Video pH 8

By: palvarez

Testing active fraction at pH 8


Lab 4. Video pH 9

By: palvarez

Testing active fraction at pH 9


Lab 4. Video pH 4

By: palvarez

Active fraction test at pH 4