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Focus Groups and Key Informant Interviews

By: 97dconne

Focus Groups, Key Informant Interviews Lecture


Discussions & Groups in Brightspace

By: ctlevent

Discussions & Groups in Brightspace


Working Session: Forest Management Across Property Boundaries: The Woodlots Program Toolkit

By: vmc

This was a working session led by Monica Przyperhart as a part of the 2022 FEMC Annual Conference. With over 80% of land in Vermont in private ownership, maintaining forest health and resilience relies heavily on the decisions and actions of la...


July 14 (Video #7) FATTOM Part B

By: tpritcha

Temperature groups, Oxygen groups and Water Activity


How to Set Up Zotero Groups

By: danaref

This video will show you how to set up groups in Zotero that you can use to organize references.


Grupo Nominal UPRM

By: 97dconne

Nominal Groups (Spanish)


Key Informant Interviews and Focus Groups

By: 97dconne

Key Informant Interviews and Focus Groups video lecture 2023


Faculty/Staff: Join an Interest Group through Handshake

By: career

Steps outline how faculty & staff can connect to Career Interest Groups through a student Handshake Profile - enabling them to "see what students see" when they take advantage of these career resources.


Career Introduction

By: career

This 8 minute video is a broad introduction to career resources at UVM. After watching, students will be able to: • Articulate what it means to be “Career-Ready” • Describe how the UVM Career Center can help you throughout your time...