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US Beer History

By: tpritcha

Pilgrims through discussion of German brewers


HST10#25:1917: War and Revolution

By: anbuchan

Lecture on 1917, US entry into WWI and Russian Revolution and its consequences.


HST10#28: Road to Global War, 1933-1939

By: anbuchan

Lecture on immediate origins of WWII in Europe


Weekly Rite 3 -- Hands

By: eseyler

Mowzer has become the Alfred Hitchcock of cats, making cameo appearances that invariably influence the entire flic. Here, I explore life from her perspective (and perch)...and begin dancing with my hands, something I've enjoyed through the years. ...


Deco Drive 2001

By: waw

Dear Belkys and Lynn: Help! We live in the small town of Starksboro, VT, population 1700 or so. We still have one of them old timey giant C-Band satellite dishes in our backyard. It brings us FOX TV via WSVN Miami. More importantly, it br...


Factors Related to Cleaning

By: tpritcha

This is a short video on the factors that influence the efficacy of cleaning.


Oxygen Use and Genetics

By: tpritcha

This is a brief discussion of oxygen groupings and how genetics influence what a cell can actually do.


Color 1

By: uvmext

Why is maple syrup different colors? Pure maple syrup ranges in color from light golden amber to dark reddish brown. Over the course of the maple production season, the color of maple syrup produced in an individual maple operation will gradually ...



By: uvmext

Processing sap with heat in the evaporator is essential. The reactions responsible for the development of maple syrup's characteristic color and flavors require heat to proceed. Syrup produced by methods with little or no heating, such as freeze-d...