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CIS 096 EEA and Wang Dong

By: 01jpresc

Economic Espionage Act, U.S. v. Wang Dong


Polasky, Stephen. "Meeting the Sustainable Development Challenge of Jointly Achieving Economic Growth and Improved Environmental Conditions". Marsh Professor. 25 October 2016.

By: presdent

Stephen Polasky is among the world’s leaders in combining ecology and economics to quantify the benefits of nature to human society. He has assessed the impact of biofuels on agricultural landscapes, climate change, and food prices, and he has p...


Cultural Responses to Economic Change in the Maple Industry

By: uvmext

Presentation by Michael Lange, Associate Professor, Champlain College. Plenary Talk at the 2017 Vermont Maple Conference, recorded January 2017.



By: anbuchan

Lecture on economic and environmental aspects of the industrial revolution


New Metropolis - Part 2

By: mcope

Part 2 of The New Metropolis -- building on the economic processes identified in part 1, what do these spaces look like in real cities?


GRS001#23_Hunger, Poverty and Economic Devlopment

By: anbuchan

Lecture on patterns of global hunger and poverty.



By: anbuchan

Second of two lectures discussion peasant farming and global economic and environmental sustainability.


HST67/ENVS167#7-1_Ecologies of Global Power

By: anbuchan

Lecture on economic, social, political and environmental impacts of WWII


HST67/ENVS167#7-2: Ecologies of Global Power (2)

By: anbuchan

Lecture on economic, military and environmental consequences of consolidation of US global hegemony post-WWII