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Blackboard Overview

By: ctl

This video provides an overview of the way to manage Blackboard (as a TA or Instructor) and the available Tools within Blackboard.


Poll Everywhere Student Response System Demo

By: ctl

Poll Everywhere Student Response System Demo


Add an RSS feed to Blackboard

By: iberrizb

How to add and RSS feed to Blackboard (focusing on the CDC)


How to Use the Blackboard Community Website

By: ctl

How to use the Blackboard Community website.


Finding Grades and Feedback in Blackboard

By: ctl

This (silent) video shows students how to locate grades and feedback in Blackboard.


Introduction to Piazza - Integrating into UVM BlackBoard Course

By: rdasari

Integrating into UVM BlackBoard Course


Blackboard Tests Workshop

By: ctl

Blackboard Tests Workshop


Tips for Making Your Blackboard Course More Student-Friendly

By: ctl

7 tips that you can implement to make a better organized, easier to navigate Blackboard course.


How to Access Career Center Resources on Blackboard

By: career

This two-minute video shows you how to gain instant access to UVM's Career Center resources on Blackboard.