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Balance Sheet

By: jpencak

Balance Sheet


Balance and stabilization

By: hryan3

Coaching balance and stabilization workout


weekly rite #5

By: swhetzle

For this weekly rite I went to Centennial Woods and filmed myself walking around for twenty minutes. Although I was outside, in many ways I felt the privacy of my room because there were no people around. I also found a wall with graffiti that rem...


OPT Core and Balance Justina Reichelt

By: jwentwor

OPT Core and Balance 3 exercises


Balance Power Exercises

By: jash2

Balance Power Exercises for EDPE 200


Stabilization and Balance Personal Training

By: emurph24

Murphy, Emma Stabilization and Balance Personal Training


Balance-Stabilization Exercises - Personal Training

By: jdavis17

Personal training - Balance-Stabilization Exercises Video


Weekly Rites #5 Zoey November

By: znovembe

Most of my weekly rites up til now have been less "dance-y" but after seeing Sean Dorsey Dance perform on Friday night, I was inspired improvise focusing on gesture and hand/arm-initiated movement. I like dancing in response to performances that I...