Our Community's Health: Equity and Discrimination

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Posted by aafrimpo on 12/10/2020

Awesome work! I noticed in Figure 3, that there were more Non-white individuals who identified discriminations in their communities. Did the survey provide more specific information on the different races/ethnicity that identified community discrimination? For example, what was the breakdown between: Black/African American, Native American, Asian, Hispanic, and other races/ethnicities. Thank you

Posted by ebennet5 on 12/10/2020 Reply to aafrimpo

When looking at our demographics, 94% of respondents identified as being white. Therefore, to maintain anonymity of the small number of respondents identifying as a race other than white, we chose to group these participants together as non-white. As a result, we did not run the analyses on unique races/ethnicities identifying community discrimination. We recognize that this is an important limitation to our findings, and would be beneficial to applying this data to programs and resources to combat discrimination and promote equity in our communities.