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By: waw

Four adventurers explore steep secret powder couloirs amongst the high peaks of Vermont's backcountry. Awarded Best in Show at 2021 UVM ski and ride video competition.


LAT 001 Lab 7

By: mcmcinti

Indirect objects and the dative case, definition of a pronoun


Subsistence fishing in the era of climate change

By: svenugop

This 7 minute video captures the impact of climate changing on a subsistence fishing community in South India. If you are interested in learning more, please read the following paper:- Venugopal, S., Gau, R., Appau, S., Sample, K. and Pereira, R....


Table-Saw Safety

By: pdecause

A introduction to the table-saw and its safe operation.


Undergrad Writing Center - Register for an Account

By: writectr

This video shows how to register for an account at the UVM Undergraduate Writing Center through WCOnline. It walks through the registration form, resetting your password, and updating your email/text preferences.


Miter Saw Safety

By: pdecause

The miter saw and how to operate it.


Drill Press Safety

By: pdecause

Drill press setup and operation


Sander safety

By: pdecause

Safety and operation of various sanders


Physics Lab Video 1

By: ecolberg

Trial 1-Elias, Judi, and Mckenna