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2m video analysis

By: nlinzmay

video of my contraption sending object 2m


New Video: Analysis

By: hmckeon

New video for final physics project.


Phys 021 Final Video

By: jhaytaya

Final video used for analysis


Food Insecurity in the COVID-19 Era

By: sgkendri

Analysis of Vermonters' perceptions surrounding food security during COVID-19 as measured by a survey distributed by VT United Way agencies in October 2020.


Mark Hehlen - GIMP and ImageJ - Sea Ice image processing and analysis

By: nperdria

Tutorial to process and analyze landsat images using gimp and imageJ. (final project for GEOL185 - Geocomputing)


Lab 9S - Path Analysis 1 in SPSS

By: epomicht

walkthrough of lab 9 for spring semester grad stats


Forest Impacts of Climate Change: Monitoring Indicators webinar

By: vmc

A webinar to share how to use the new FEMC tool "Forest Impacts of Climate Change: Monitoring Indicators" and a brief analysis of monitoring northeastern forest ecosystems.