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Current Speech Event Report

By: jlanzdur

Current Speech Event Report on Conversations on Community Engagement: Addressing Health Disparities presentation by Dr. Olugbenga Ogedegbe. Sponsored by the University of Rochester.


Spanish Oral Presentation

By: cgirardi

Spanish oral presentation, 12/01/20 -Describing myself to a potential roommate


College Life in a Pandemic - Final Presentations

By: mcope

Two final group presentations from Dec. 11, 2020 by students in GEOG186/GSWS195 "Qualitative Research Methods". The projects were part of the Civic Learning element of the course. One group examined "Experiencing and Enacting College Life in a Pan...


Spanish Oral Presentation

By: agyeabou

For Professor Abigail Sperry


A Culinary Lens on Agritourism

By: rcbartle

Food is an ultimate connector and a big part of why we travel. We share stories, form relationships and build communities around the table, and through our culinary traditions. In this gathering, we will hear stories from around the world of the r...


SP001 Examen oral

By: kclemmon

Oral Spanish exam


Grupo Nominal UPRM

By: 97dconne

Nominal Groups (Spanish)


Building Food Resiliece in Puerto Rico Spanish version

By: 97dconne

Building Food Resilience in Puerto Rico Spanish version