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PHYS 22 Speaker Lab

By: kdeemer

Kelsey Deemer TA: Dr. Donforth Video of my speaker working Audio: Vin Diesel - Stay (Originally performed by Rihanna)


EE 134 Lab 5: 7-Segment Display

By: csword

This lab's task was to display numbers on a 7-segment display.


EE 134 Lab 6: Stock Ticker

By: csword

A lab that simulates a stock ticker by displaying, in a loop, various bits of text, one at a time.


Lab 8S: Regression Diagnostics Part 2

By: epomicht

Walkthrough of regression diagnostics part 2


Part 2 - Perkins Pier to Union Station

By: mmcdonal

NR 2 spring waterfront lab walking tour, 2020


Lab Safety Equipment

By: tpritcha

Video of lab safety equipment