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HCOL185 L Final Presentation

By: mjdillon

Final Project in Experimental Economics


College Life in a Pandemic - Final Presentations

By: mcope

Two final group presentations from Dec. 11, 2020 by students in GEOG186/GSWS195 "Qualitative Research Methods". The projects were part of the Civic Learning element of the course. One group examined "Experiencing and Enacting College Life in a Pan...


EE106 Final Project Demo

By: nclogan

This is a demonstration of my final project.


EE134 Final Project Demo

By: nclogan

This final project is a product of work done by Noah Logan, Dan Cameron, and Jonathan Saunders.


EE 134 Final Project

By: sfought

A video describing my final project for EE134


COMU 123 Final Presentation

By: ebpatter

My final presentation for COMU 123!