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Using Habitat Restorations to Test Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

By: vmc

This was a contributed talk by Chris Nadeau as a part of the 2023 FEMC Annual Conference.


Regeneration Dynamics in Northeastern Pitch Pine Barrens Under Different of Restoration Scenarios

By: vmc

This was a contributed talk by Kathleen Stutzman as a part of the 2023 FEMC Annual Conference.


Welcome from Nicole Carney

By: 92csicca

Welcome to the online course Clinical Leadership and Management.


Evenaged and unevenaged management

By: uvmext

Evenaged and unevenaged management


Weekly Rites #9 - Zoey November

By: znovembe

This week I spent a lot of time in the woods. Interested in the soft holding quiet of newly snowy forest - and the shapes I can make within it that feel so oddly misplaced.


Maple Seeds

By: uvmext

Sugar maple flowers that are fertilized in spring, will develop into mature seeds in late summer. The seeds come in the form of winged samaras (sometimes referred to as helicopters or whirligigs). Sugar maple samaras develop in pairs but generally...


Shade Tolerance 2

By: uvmext

As trees form, the size and shape of its stem and crown, will be impacted by living in a low light environment such as the forest's understory. So-called suppressed trees are able to capture just enough sun to survive. Sugar maples growing in the ...


2020 FEMC Conference: Closing statements

By: vmc

Closing statements by Jennifer Pontius (USFS NRS, RSENR, FEMC) at the 2020 Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative Conference. More information can be accessed at