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Phys 021 Speaker Video

By: jhaytaya

Speaker video for lab


Lab 8S: Regression Diagnostics Part 1

By: epomicht

Walkthrough of Regression Diagnostics part 1


LAT 002 Lab 5

By: mcmcinti

Present Subjunctive (there is no video for Lab 4).


Innovative Ways to Sell Agricultural Products Direct to Consumers

By: rcbartle

The evolving pandemic has brought to light the importance of promoting agri-food products in local markets, purchasing locally sourced supplies, and selling direct to consumers. Join French-speaking partners (southern Quebec, Eastern Ontario and t...


Valorisation de circuits courts, par la Francophonie « Des options originales pour acheter local!

By: rcbartle

Le contexte pandémie en évolution a mis en lumière l’importance de valoriser les produits agroalimentaires sur les marchés locaux, de s’approvisionner localement, de commercialiser en circuits courts. À travers cette conférence, donnée en collabor...


Height estimation lab

By: zmartin2

Height estimation lab


Estimation SPSS Lab

By: 97dconne

Video of Estimation Lab