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Scout and Sentry Dogs

By: ckershow

ASCI 097- Final Project: Scout and Sentry Dogs by Clara Kershow


Agritourism Virtual Networking Session

By: csherloc

Farmers and ranchers, researchers, tourism professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, educators, agricultural service providers, and others interested in agritourism are invited to share their knowledge and experience. This session will have faci...


Overview of Habitat Work Scopes in VT Functioning Floodplain Initiative

By: klunderw

FFI working group discusses 2023 - 2024 work scopes to integrate Habitat assessment data in project prioritization within the Functioning Floodplain Initiative application


ASCI 098-The World of Working Animals Final Project

By: jpilarte

This is my final project on Criollo horses in South America


Truffle Hunting

By: jhalpin

This is my final presentation for ASCI 098. I discuss the truffle hunting industry and how it connects to the world of working animals.


WOW Final Project

By: apettiro

Equine Assisted Therapy


WWA Final - Alzheimer's Assistance Dogs

By: egareri

Final Project for The World Of Working Animal by Emily Gareri


Final Service Dog Video

By: cckeefe

This is the final video for World of Working Animals, a video about the potential downsides of having a service dog.


Carting/Drafting Dogs

By: kbushwel

World of Working Animals class project