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HDFS 161 Episode 9 Interlude

By: lshelton

Professor Shelton reviews the topics covered so far, current activities for studnets, and previews coming topics.


Hits, Misses and Incoming: A review of Federal and state pests of concern

By: vmc

This was presented by Judy Rosovsky. This presentation was part of a series of contributed talks from the 2020 FEMC Annual Conference hosted virtually for the first time. For more content from the 2020 conference please go to


A Quick Review of APA Citation Style

By: gatwood

This video will demonstrate the basics of how to cite books, articles, and websites in APA style.


LAT 001 Lab 5

By: mcmcinti

Review of a declension, third declension endings, agreement of nouns and adjectives.


NFS 143 Podcast Project Team 5

By: jrmccorm

In this episode, we will discuss what food insecurity is, what it looks like for college students, and what we should do about it. Food insecurity is a growing issue in our country today. As we explore the topic of food insecurity focused on colle...


LAT 002 Review Video

By: mcmcinti

The four conjugations, the five declensions, relative clauses


UVM Ashokan Reservoir catchment research meeting

By: klunderw

Review UVM CIROH grant scope of work and possible synergies with others doing research in the Ashokan Reservoir catchment


Recorded Speaking Assignment: Study Spots Review

By: efrassin

Libby Frassinelli Lily Gums Madison Relyea Devon Leonard Lydia Reedy