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109 lect 7 beaming

By: dfeurzei

Beaming rules for clear rhythmic notation


Reducibility - Halting Problem, Empty language TM and Regular languageTM

By: rdasari

You have to watch the previous video on Undecidability to understand this This video is a supplement for students who are reading "Introduction To The Theory Of Computation" by Michael Sipser. I took the liberty of using the terminology from th...


109 lect 5 intervals

By: dfeurzei

How to build and ID intervals


"Stag" Creative Project #2

By: aescajah

FTS 121 Film/Television Theory Creative Project #2 Assignment


109 lect 4 pentatonic scales

By: dfeurzei

Major and minor pentatonic scales and key signatures, with extended musical examples


109 lect 3 minor scales

By: dfeurzei

minor scales, key signatures, and scale forms


Postwar Masculinity in Mad Men

By: asiegel4

In which I discuss the role of masculinity in the television series Mad Men.