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Public Health

By: acmasi

Public Health Video


Public Health-Christina Do

By: cddo

What is Public Health


Sound (Teaching) Bite: Just-in-Time Teaching (10/7/19)

By: ctl

Dr. Laura Hill shares how she gathers feedback from students in large classes on what they have learned in pre-class preparation assignments and readings to tailor her class sessions.


What is Public Health Video

By: kvidrio

A quick video about public health!


Welcome to Epidemiology for Practice

By: 92csicca

Professor Linda Roberts welcome video for her UVM Public Health Epidemiology for Practice online course.


What is Public Health? Video Story

By: obudingt

Public Health video story for HSCI021


Studying Abroad as an HCOL Student

By: sclark3

Screencast presentation meant to help HCOL students plan the timing of a semester abroad around their pre-thesis requirements. Also provides a very basic overview of the study abroad planning process, as well as some ideas for seeking out funding ...


Public Health Introduction

By: mdetch

Introduction to Public Health Video


What is Public Health?

By: ablackma

Annabella Blackman Public Video