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MU 060 electronic music history

By: dfeurzei

Overview of the development of electronic music from 1897 to the present


Holden Music Fargo Saini

By: sholden

BSAD 015 Sustainability Initiative Video


Sustainability, Mission and Vision

By: 97dconne

Lecture for Sustainability, Mission and Vision


Sustainability Mission and Vision Video lecture

By: 97dconne

Sustainability Mission and Vision Video lecture 2023


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 3: Tree Physiology

By: mmcdonal

George Conklin gives an introduction to sugaring


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 7: Some History and Why no more Grade B?

By: mmcdonal

Tour and instruction by George Conklin of Shelburne Farms


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 9: What is Important to You and Wrapping up

By: mmcdonal

Tour of operations at Shelburne Farms with George Conklin


Contest Entry

By: uvmext

Summer is here and for many sugar makers that means maple contest time. Entering syrup in a contest is a great way to show off your product, make sure your syrup meets grading standards and perhaps earn a class winner or best of show ribbon. There...


Fall Color

By: uvmext

Autumn colors in leaves of maple trees is an annual phenomenon that is highly prized for its beauty and is also economically important. As day length shortens, the tree stops making new green chlorophyll pigment while the chlorophyll already in th...