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SegmentTargetPositionPart 1

By: 97dconne

lecture for segment target position part 1


SegmentTargetPositionPart 2

By: 97dconne

segment target position lecture part 2


Technological Sound Bite: Flipgrid Overview

By: ctl

Flipgrid, a video-based, asynchronous discussion tool, is available for free as part of UVM's Microsoft Office 365 suite. Instructors set up prompts and parameters for student videos (including length limits of 15sec to 10min). Students respond to...


Lab 1 Part 1

By: epomicht

Video recording of instructions and walkthrough of Lab 1


Lab 1 Part 2

By: epomicht

Video recording of lab 1 walkthrough


Human Populations and Domestication of Barley

By: tpritcha

This video includes a look at the increase in human populations with a special emphasis on the importance of the domestication of barley leading in part to the development of an agrarian society.


Jenna McCue Alma Mater Alto

By: jmccue

Title says it all, Alma Mater Alto part sung by me, Jenna McCue!


MMP - EE003 Module 1 project

By: mmansfie

The presentation on power efficiency as part of EE003 Module 1's project


Forest Tent Caterpillars Update

By: uvmext

It appears as though the recent widespread defoliation event related to forest tent caterpillar has ended. According to the Vermont Department of Forest Parks and Recreation, there have been no reports of defoliation attributed to this native inse...