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ML - AU 2nd

By: mmccorm1

ML - AU 2nd Trial


ML - Bencao 1st

By: mmccorm1

ML - Bencao 1st Trial


ML - Bencao 2nd

By: mmccorm1

ML - Bencao 2nd Trial


ML - Parada de Maos 1st

By: mmccorm1

ML- Parada de Maos 1st Trial


ML - Parada de Maos 2nd

By: mmccorm1

ML - Parada de Maos 2nd Trial


Katherine Elmer Introduction (ENVS195OL3-PBHM2020)

By: bmunach

Welcome to the Plant-Based Healing Medicine course! I'll be your instructor, Katherine Elmer, and I am really looking forward to learning and working with you over the 6 week course. Here's a little bit more about me before we dive in!


Continence Visual Supports

By: jnauheim

This video reviews easy to make visual supports families can use during toileting and instructions on how to make them. The Continence Project believes the mastery of toileting skills promotes inclusion at home, school, and in the community. We be...


Kevin Gannon Keynote - Pivotal Pedagogy

By: ctl

Kevin Gannon, PhD was the keynote speaker at the remote conference, Pivotal Pedagogy, in May 2020. Dr. Gannon is the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Professor of History at Grand View University in Des Moines, Io...


RG-ILC L4DC presentation

By: hossareh

This is the video presentation of our paper for the 2020 L4DC conference, which has gone remote due to the travel restrictions.