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T Kitazato - EE001 Presentation

By: tkitazat

For my final presentation, I decided to program a simple circuit that determines who goes first for up to four players. In this video I go over the basics of this circuit.


Spanish Oral Presentation

By: cgirardi

Spanish oral presentation, 12/01/20 -Describing myself to a potential roommate


Ad Presentation

By: erogers7

BSAD 150 Ad Presentation


RG-ILC L4DC presentation

By: hossareh

This is the video presentation of our paper for the 2020 L4DC conference, which has gone remote due to the travel restrictions.


Teenage Brains Presentation

By: eabloch

This is my oral presentation for my Teenage Brains class.


Healthcare Delays during COVID-19 Oral Presentation

By: msalusti

This presentation outlines the preliminary data collected in the state of Vermont on community members perceptions on healthcare delays due to COVID-19.


CNHS Dean Candidate Presentation 4

By: kldewey

Candidate Presentation, CNHS Dean Search, Candidate 4