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Sugarbush Management 2

By: uvmext

Late summer, while leaves are still green is a good time to assess the trees in your sugarbush. Weak or declining individuals will show areas of crown dieback. Trees with more than 75% dieback will likely not survive but are still competing for li...


Object detail vs. acceptance angle

By: plintilh

The finer the spatial detail in an object the wider the diffraction angle - easily seen with a laser pointer and a fine grating.


See back focal plane using telescope

By: plintilh

The rear focal plane of the objective can be observed using a telescope insert into the eyepiece tube.


Intro to Phase Contrast

By: plintilh

How phase contrast works


Depth of focus

By: plintilh

Depth of focus - image plane


MMG195A Lecture 19 - Flow Cytometry & Case Studies

By: msymeoni

Lecture 19 for MMG195A, Spring 2020 semester. By Dr. Menelaos Symeonides.


MMG195A Lecture 18 - Dyes, Stains, Antibodies, Fluorescent Proteins

By: msymeoni

Lecture 18 for MMG195A, Spring 2020 semester. By Dr. Menelaos Symeonides.


Weekly Rites 9

By: jpowers2

There is something so interesting about a few twinkling lights and a bed that makes me wonder why we don't just use natural light like we used to before electricity. But at the same time without electricity these purple lights wouldn't be possible!


EE001 Light Reminder Circuit

By: sfought

Circuit for the EE001 final lab module that checks to make sure the lights are on when you leave the room.