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Glucose Breakdown via Respiration

By: tpritcha

Schematic of glucose breakdown.


Why Does Sap Flow?

By: uvmext

Why Does Sap Flow from Maple Trees? Throughout the maple region, there are several weeks of alternating freeze and thaw temperatures each spring. This weather provides the right conditions for sap flow in maple. Unlike most trees, maples have tiny...


KM Panel Discussion February 2016

By: ctl

KM Panel Discussion February 2016 Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty in each of the academic ranks who have demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, ability to motivate and challenge students, and the capa...


100 Mile Diet

By: nrose1

My experiences on the 100 Mile Diet


International Maple Syrup Institute

By: uvmext

The International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI) was founded in 1975 to promote and protect pure maple syrup and other pure maple products. Its mission remains largely unchanged: The organization provides an important international framework for com...


Celiac Disease

By: mvoigt1

Mackenzie Voigt's term project on Celiac Disease


NFS 274 Common Roots Presentation - Zoe Dumais

By: zdumais

Here is my audio for my Common Roots practicum


NFS 274 Wake Robin Presentation - Zoe Dumais

By: zdumais

Here is my audio for my Wake Robin practicum experience.


NFS 43 Trailer 2021

By: efpope

A sneak peak of what NFS 43: Fundamentals of Nutrition is all about. Music: Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)