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Lincourt, DeVuyst, Jones, Williams BSAD 015 Section A

By: slincour

BSAD 015 Sustainability Initiative Video


109 lect 3 minor scales

By: dfeurzei

minor scales, key signatures, and scale forms


Weekly Rites #8 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

The title of this work is, "A watched pot never boils." Sort of silly. I was playing around with different moves. Rather than just dance I tried more more movements that were isolated to one part of the body yet still fluid. I definitely notice th...


Percussion Jury Spring 2020

By: cburges1

My performance of "Butterfly" by Nils Rowher and an etude for snare drum, for my percussion jury spring 2020


MU 060 digital audio

By: dfeurzei

Detailed description of digitization of audio signals



By: dfeurzei

An overview of MIDI and the difference between MIDI and audio


Weekly Rites #1 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

If I had to title this video I would have called it "roots." You all can play with the meaning of that on your own and with your own perspectives. As I was filming I initially wanted the video to be more or less structured but then just started no...


Hazel Dority student performance recital

By: hdority

Student performance recital - Hazel Dority on bass clarinet accompanied by Henry Wu


Popeye Gopher Spinach but Modern

By: nrobins2

Popeye Gopher Spinach but with synth loops and trap beats instead of classical music. My Logic Project 3 for MU 060