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ML - Parada de Maos 1st

By: mmccorm1

ML- Parada de Maos 1st Trial


ML - Parada de Maos 2nd

By: mmccorm1

ML - Parada de Maos 2nd Trial


Sound (Teaching) Bite: Harnessing the Testing Effect for Learning (10/21/2019)

By: ctl

Jen Garrett-Ostermiller shares research from four experiments which document how to leverage test-enhancing learning for increased student retention of information, along with suggestions for incorporating retrieval practice into the classroom.


Intro to SL for NR206 students

By: smunkres

Introduction to Service-Learning for students in NR206, Summer 2020


Pedagogical Sound Bite: The Power of Transparent Assignment Design

By: ctl

This workshop presents an overview of Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (TILT), an award-winning, scholarly project focused on improving students' learning experiences.  Evidence from a national study shows that when facul...


Learning, Birds, and FOXP2

By: ckuiper

final podcast for animal communication


Universal Design for Learning Workshop Extracts

By: ctl

This workshop, taught by Holly Parker, focuses on the concepts of Universal Design for Learning and how to apply them in teaching.