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ML - Bencao 1st

By: mmccorm1

ML - Bencao 1st Trial


Designing for Learning faculty interviews

By: ctl

Interviews with faculty who participated in the CTL and WID sponsored program Designing for Learning.


Learning Effectively Online Part 2

By: 92csicca

A brief walkthrough of the resources available on the website related to learning online.


Sound (Teaching) Bite: Why Active Learning Works (9/23/19)

By: ctl

Dr. Annie Murray-Close provides a quick overview of the literature about active learning, with concrete examples for small changes that can have positive impacts on students' attention and retention.


ML - Parada de Maos 1st

By: mmccorm1

ML- Parada de Maos 1st Trial


ML - Parada de Maos 2nd

By: mmccorm1

ML - Parada de Maos 2nd Trial


Pedagogical Workshop: Increase Learning While Reducing Cheating

By: ctl

Research shows that cheating behavior is linked, not to individual students, but to the environment in which those students are learning. This is good news, because it means you can actually reduce cheating in your classes. The additional good new...


Universal Design for Learning Workshop Extracts

By: ctl

This workshop, taught by Holly Parker, focuses on the concepts of Universal Design for Learning and how to apply them in teaching.